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The Engineering Design Process


Useful resources to explore for FLL and FLL Jr. Teams

Teams will explore how they use water at home or in their community, the water's journey, and how to improve a part of this journey.

From the FLL Blog

Vocabulary Words

Deeper Dive into Water(and Humans)

  • Where we get our water

  • What do we use our water for

 B)   Absorb Knowledge about Water Quality -
What are some things that can make water unhealthy for humans?

 C)  Flow through Water’s Journey -
How do we get water to where we need it?

What happens to water after we use it?


E) Additional Resources




A)  Robot Construction

     LEGO EV3 Educator Part Names

     LEGO Extension EV3 Expansion Set Part Names

     LEGO EV3 Retail Part Names

B) Beginning FLL Programming

C) Strategy (Chassis and Attachments)


    Design Ideas

D) Intermediate FLL Programming

February 2018 Contest

GEAR Robotics

Wild Thing


1. Multimedia Connections

2. Water Calculator

3. WeDo 2.0 Parts List

4. WeDo 2.0 Programming Blocks

5. LEGO WeDo 2.0 Build Instructions

WeDo 2.0 Projects

Prevent Flooding

Extended Research

Meet our Teams

Robotic Pizza Pies

Team Kuiper

Spring Season

Learn to Program


Building instructions